This section contains a few Frequently Asked Questions, I'll expand it when needed.*

(*Some questions might've never been asked or only once but I still decided to put them here because of reasons.)

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Q: I lost my key, what should I do?

A: No problem at all, just Call an admin!

Q: I want to use the MSN-Integration in my application, how does it work?

A: Just contact me and I can provide you with the C#-Source and a few examples!

Q: Are you looking for help in any way? (Development, Artist, etc.)

A: Not directly, but you should contact me anyways, as I might could use a hand or two now or in the future.

Q: The application on my Computer is not working, what now?

A: Make sure that you've got the lastest .net Framework, also don't forget to enable MSN-Integration in osu!.

Q: Will you translate osu!Post? / Do you look for translators like in osu!Rank?

A: No, osu!Post will stay in English, I doubt that I will ever translate it.

Q: Can you see the user keys?

A: Nope, the keys are obscured when saved.
(But you shouldn't put any important passwords as key anyways, as it will be sent plain text anyways!)

Q: Customizing is too hard, can't you make it easier?

A: I agree and yes I will make it easier. Sometime at least. :^)

Q: Can you customize the signature for me?

A: Well.. I guess if you PM me and ask I'll see what I can do for you.

Q: Who actually is/was working on osu!Post?

A: At the moment its mainly just me, but I had some help from Drebonda (Design) and skyleo (Code).

Q: Will you continue to develop the Computer application for osu!Post?

A: Honestly, I think osu!StreamCompanion does a great job, I will update it at some point, but there is just no reason not to use osu!StreamCompanion.

Q: Do you accept donations or something like that?

A: Nope.

Q: What was my osu!/osu!Post UserID again?

A: It's actually the very same, simply navigate to your osu!-Profile and look at the URL/Web-Address in your Browser. In my case: http://osu.ppy.sh/u/947499 the number at the end is your ID!

Q: There is a message saying "Custom style missing" after uploading my signature, what gives?

A: Just hit the "Save" button below once, this should generate a "Custom style" and fix your issue.

Q: How is the osu!Post 2.0 Interface coming along?

A: Currently really slowly to be honest, but it will be there eventually (osupost.de)
2022 Edit: 👌🤣

Q: Why are you not answering my PM on the osu! website?! I can see you received and did in fact read it!

A: Check your settings, you probably don't allow non-friends to message you, simply remove that setting and then retry. (This happend quite a few times already...)


A: Visit this page, that should work.